David Hill Wins 2010 Oilfield Patriot Award

David R. Hill, President and Consulting Geologist, David R. Hill, Inc., was the 2010 recipient of the Ohio Oilfield Patriot Award, sponsored by Producers Service Corporation. Friends, family, and co-workers hailed Hill for his work ethic, honesty, integrity, and dedication to the oil and gas industry.

“I am deeply honored to receive the 2010 Ohio Oilfield Patriot Award,” Hill commented. “The time spent working on behalf of OOGA and OOGEEP is extremely rewarding. I encourage every member of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association to become more involved.”

Dave is a second generation oil and gas producer who grew up in the oilpatch. “Dave Hill was born into the industry. He was always around the wells with his Dad, checking things out, and was interested in what we were doing,” stated Jerry Olds, President, Solid Rock Energy.

This fascination with the industry led to him to attend Marietta College and then Muskingum College, where he graduated with a bachelors of science degree in Geology. Since then, he has established his own company, David R. Hill, Inc. in Byesville, Ohio and continues to carry on the family business – a business he hopes will continue with his son, Tyler, and eventually his grandson.

Dave proceeded to get involved in the Association. He currently serves as a member of the Ohio Oil & Gas Association (OOGA) Executive Committee and Board of Trustees. He also serves as the Chairman of the Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP). Each job in itself is time consuming, let alone taking on both of these responsibilities at once. During the past two years, Hill has overseen a dramatic funding increase to OOGEEP, along with participating at OOGA in the most extensive rewrite of Ohio oil and gas law in the modern era.

“He does everything that we ask him to. And he does it unselfishly,” stated OOGA President Bill Bennett.

Several colleagues and friends noted other qualities that Dave embodies during a video presentation honoring him that was unveiled during the award dinner.

OOGA Vice President Jerry James noted that one of Hill’s greatest strengths is that he uses the skills he has refined in the oilpatch to other areas of his life. “When he drills wells, he is a hands-on type of guy. He is use to making tough decisions under pressure. I think he brings that field experience right into the board room,” James expressed.

Phill Dever, Owner, Devco Oil, noted that Hill is willing to do the same work that he asks of his co-workers. “If anything needs to be done, he is going to get it done,” he stated. “It doesn’t matter what time of day, night, Sundays or holidays”.

Friends and family also commented on Dave’s passion for the industry. “David Hill is proud to be in the oil and gas industry. He likes to share that pride with anyone he comes in contact with,” praised OOGEEP Executive Director Rhonda Reda.

This passion is expressed to those whom Dave does business with. “Dave is as good as they get when it comes to public relations and taking care of landowners,” noted Dow Bowman, President, Bowman Drilling.

Family members echoed this statement. “He is passionate about people. He wants to accomplish things. But he never wants to hurt anybody,” said his daughter, Jamie Hill. “He wants to help people along the way.”

His wife, Cheri, noted the most memorable instance of his passion and dedication to the industry – their wedding day. “It started with him on the rig. He came home for the ceremony, a celebration with family, and then went back out on the rig overnight.”

OOGA Executive Vice President Tom Stewart mentioned that Hill has worked to help both state and federal efforts to fight against anti-industry efforts. Dave took it upon himself to raise additional funds for the national Bringing Real Information on Energy Forward (BRIEF) project.

“He continues to step up and face the enormous challenges that are confronting this industry everywhere. Not just in Ohio, but in the United States,” noted Stewart. “That contribution alone raised the stature of the Ohio Oil & Gas Association. But it certainly raised his stature among his members, friends and associates.”

The Ohio Oil & Gas Association would like to congratulate Dave Hill on receiving the 2010 Oilfield Patriot Award, sponsored by Producers Service Corporation. The Association would like to thank you for your continued efforts to better the Ohio oil and gas industry.

The Ohio Oil & Gas Association would also like to thank Dan Pottmeyer and Producers Service Corporation for their continued support of this award. We are pleased to announce that Producers Service Corporation has agreed to continue their sponsorship of the Association’s most prestigious membership award for an additional five year term.