Draft General Air Permit

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On February 1, 2012, the Ohio EPA issued its final general permit for oil and gas production sites. The general permit covers equipment used for production activities at Marcellus or Utica/Point Pleasant shale wells in Ohio. The general permit does not impact drilling and completion activities because they are temporary in nature. Nor does the general permit impact existing traditional wells that were vertically completed in the various production zones.

The general permit covers several aspects of the production process including: glycol dehydration units, natural gas- fired spark ignition internal combustion engines, diesel-fired compression ignition internal combustion engines, water and/or petroleum liquid flash/storage tanks, combustor/flare, and ancillary equipment leaks. For each emissions unit, the general permit provides specific operations limitations and emission limits for various pollutants. Along with these limits, the general permit prescribes monitoring, testing and reporting requirements for each emission unit.

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Final General Air Permit Information: