Internship Seekers

The Ohio Oil & Gas Association posts resumes for students looking to get hands-on experience needed to be successful in the oil and gas industry.

If you would like to post a resume in an effort to obtain a summer internship, please contact Lyndsey Kleven at or 614-824-3901.

Students Looking for a Summer Internship:

Maggie Witzky

Shamim Ahammod

Blake Bonfanti 

Robert J. Exler 

Tyler Pavan

Natalie Tran 

Trevor Nwokoh 

Duy Nguyen 

Samuel Darland 

Matthew Coyner 

Charles Untied 

Glenn Whaley 

Marian Peters 

Cody Wagner 

Samuel Wilhelm 

Anzie Brewer 

Gift Ntuli 

Daniel Hughes 

Shamim Ahammod 

Sean Dunfee 

Pauline Clarchick